PR Friendly

Running After Raina is a PR friendly blog.  I love to write reviews and offer giveaways to my readers all while promoting businesses (small and big alike).  If you would like to see a list of companies I have worked with thus far, please visit here.


I would be happy to promote your products.  In order for me to complete a thorough review, I request a full size sample of your product.  I post reviews within two weeks of receiving said products.  I would be happy to also sponsor a giveaway for your company, should you so choose.   I promote all giveaways via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ along with Blog Hops and Linkys.

Sponsored Posts

If you would like me to write a sponsored post - I would be happy to go over pricing with you.  Price is determined by length of article.  I can be reached via the Contact Me tab at the top of my blog.  Article will include links, pictures, and any information specifically provided.  All posts are finished and live within 48 hours of payment.

Purchase Ad Space

If you would like to purchase ad space on my blog, prices depend on where on the blog you would like your ad placed (top, sidebar, bottom, etc) along with size of ad (banner, button, etc).  I would be more than happy to go over pricing with you and can be reached via my Contact Me tab at the top of my blog.


Please be aware that any sponsored, paid, or otherwise compensated posts will be listed as so.

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