Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Website Building - My Story

So, I suppose in the blogging world, we all know how "fun" it can be to create a new website.  I love a fresh new website, but I also know the downside.  We have all been there, so we bought a what? ...Right?  All dressed up and nowhere to go.  Well, I thought I would share my first website buying experience with you:

I started out a bit naive in the world of website building.  I thought you buy a website, and BAM you're done - there it is, fresh new page!  I was aware that it would take some coding, but to completely start from scratch...I had no idea what I was doing.  I purchased my domain, with no hosting.  So, I had a website...but it wasn't even there.  No one handed me the "how to" book, until it was too late.  I eventually found out hosting was needed, but seeing as how I wanted a blog website - I then purchased the WRONG hosting.  One oops after another.  I was frustrated, and lost.  After that, you would think I would have learned my lesson...nope.  I was refunded for the wrong hosting I purchased, and forgot that by being refunded I would lose, I purchased website designing through the company. now I have website design capabilities, a domain, and no hosting!  I'm glad I can laugh about it now, but talk about a HEADACHE and a half.

I think life would have been a lot easier, with an easy website builder to say the least.

I was asked to tell my story as a sponsored post by Bucks2Blog from an online website building company for compensation, however, these thoughts are my own.  

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