Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reasons for a Great Website Design

I know that many of us out there know the benefit of a great website design, because we have all been to what I call "the jam-packed page" that is just chalk full of text, ads, bad navigation, bright colors, unreadable text, etc.  We all know "THAT" website.  

I think it is important for readers to have a clear, easy, way to navigate through a webpage.  They are visiting a site that I have provided, so I want them to have a good experience while they are there.  I recently had my site made over for this very reason.  I wanted a clean, concise layout - where items and pages were just a click away!  I wanted my name to be able to be seen - without getting lost in the riffraff.  

Easy webpage access will keep fans returning.  If a webpage is an eyesore, it can be sure to lose fans - as they won't want to return to a website that isn't truly "unusable".  Also, a clear view of your website name will keep your fans remembering you.  If they aren't even sure what page they are on when they visit, chances are that your page will not be very memorable later on.  You want them to recommend you to friends, and get the word for your site out there.  A good layout and design is the perfect place to start catching eyes.

A good layout is also important, because you want your traffic to be able to find what you are posting.  Afterall, the end goal is for someone to see your content.  If content is hidden or buried, fans are likely to leave before you get a chance to truly show off your work.  

If you would like my recommendation on a wonderful Web Design website (that I found easy to navigate and easy on the eyes) please visit Long Island Web Design for more details.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for Long Island Web Design and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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